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Smoke up my what?

Ok so I just read the phrase.

…he’d never been someone to blow smoke up your arse

And yeah I tried looking it up what it means and according to urban dictionary it is someone who is:

Feeding someone’s ego with constant adoration and commentary. Telling someone everything they want to hear and nothing they need to hear.

And that does sound about right, it’s just a figurative speech and so. But I remember visiting a museum one time and in the 1700th doctors would try to use this method on deceased drowning victims. How? Yeah you guessed it, by blowing smoke up the victims arse.

Apparently this was a method used at the waterways and there was a station for where the pipe and tobacco was stored. Today we use the defibrillators but back then people had to know where the pipe and tobacco was kept so they could blow smoke up people’s butthole if they found someone who had drowned. (Source)

Funny what words are born from. 🙂

random stuff


I pretty much just think doves are beautiful. They are so colorful and different looking. Like I get people call them flying rats and such but really you most likely don’t know what beauty is.

There is so many of them and yes I will agree I find them annoying at times. Like when I’m at a cafe outside and they will flock around 10 or more at times. But know which bird I hate more when I’m trying to sit outside and take a coffee. God darnit Seagulls.

Seriously where I live they are everywhere. And don’t get me started when it is their time of the year to lay eggs and get young ones.

Seagulls will lay their eggs where ever they want. A often recurring problem at my school was that every year our janitor had to go around smashing eggs of seagulls. Because they are agressiva as hell. And imagine being 7 years old and going to school and suddenly a raged seagull starts going at you.

So yes I will deal and like the doves rather than the seagulls who bloody well can’t take the hint and stop laying eggs on school buildings.

Diary entry · Traveling

Trains ugh

Ok so the biggest problem with traveling is when I have the train number, the time which it will depart and which platform it will depart from.

Knowing all of these things and I still get nervous as shit when the train is missing the train number on the side or so what.

It doesn’t matter if I have triple checked everything before hand. I will still get the heebie jeebies.

Like I mentioned before, me and traveling never seems to work properly. It is a love hate relationship. Because I love when it works and I can just sit back with my writing or reading and not have a care in the world. But we never seem to connect other times. Sigh. (-_-)

Well at least I have some coffe at hand. ^_^


Dream notes

Had a weird dream tonight.

Dreamt that I was a prince. The land above had been taken by the ice and we created a world below the ice.

We then noticed several years later the sound of the ice cracking beneath our feet. The children just thought is was something magical and it took me and the others awhile before we realize what the cracking of the ice meant. That it was getting warmer.

Me and some other people went upside to see wether we could find a haven among the snow.

We found a city unearthed by the warmer weather.

I think I was male in my dream because I found a woman. Who I missed terrible and she was sleeping. I woke her and she saw me in time.

She had nearly stabbed me with a kitchen knife. I wasn’t mad seeing as I woke her as she was sleeping. People are allowed that then.

Then my dream ended when my brother and I stumbled back into our world. It reminded me now of narnia. The wardrobe if you must know. But our portal was in a Chinese resturerant and I think the owner was drunk by the time we came back so it was fine. My brother and I grabbed a cup of tea and then I woke up.